7 Quart Crock Pot Parts

Whether you are looking for a 7 quart crock pot or one a little smaller the parts of a crock pot are all quite similar. Here’s a quick run down of the parts of a crock pot.

The heating element. This is the part you that heats up your crock. Depending on the model you choose the size and heat will vary.

The crock. This is the part of your crock pot you put the food in. The crock sits inside the heating element.

The Lid The lid is a crucial element for a crockpot. It’s what keeps the heat and the steam inside the crock allowing the food to cook. Make sure the lid fits tightly.

The heat setting Again depending on the model you choose you will have different number of heat settings. From the basic high and low to 5 or 10 different heat settings. The type of heat setting varies between models as well. It may be a knob you turn or may be electronic.

Those are the basic parts to a crock pot. If you are looking for a great deal on a crock pot you can find a wide variety of crock pots at great prices at Amazon.com

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