I am Jackie Lee. I am a wife, and work at home mom to one toddler. I am a busy lady, but I love to cook. I try to get dinner on our table at least 4 days a week ~ although I do menu plan for 7 šŸ˜‰

I find getting dinner on the table takes a few things.

1. Planning ~ I have to plan ahead, know what I’m going to cook, and have the necessary ingredients in the house. We live 20 minutes from the closest store, if I have to run out to buy something for dinner we will end up at a restaurant.

2. Quick easy recipes. Whether it’s easy chicken recipes, or not, it has to be easy and by that I mean a few key ingredients that doesn’t take long to put together. I don’t really care if it takes a while to cook, but the prep has got to be easy.

3. Great crock pot recipes. My rival slow cooker has become my best friend this winter. I am most productive in the morning ~ which is crazy because I never thought of myself as a morning person ~ so putting dinner in the crock pot first thing in the morning works great for me. I don’t have to be scrambling around to cook when my husband gets home hungry wanting dinner.

I really do love to cook, and I think that cooking is a great way to celebrate holidays. Here are some great valentines recipes, and with summer coming I’ve started gathering picnic ideas and recipes. Cooking is such an easy way to express how much you care about people.

Now if I could just get someone to clean up the mess!!

I hope you enjoy the recipes, feel free to leave comments I’m always glad to hear from you!!