Crock Pot Parts

Depending on the type and year of your crock pot you may find you need to replace some of your crock pot parts. Depending on the manufacturer of your crock pot this may happen sooner rather than later. It’s not all that easy to find crock pot parts, but if you look you will be able to find them.

The best bet is to look and see if the manufacturer even makes crock pot parts to replace parts that have broken. You may have to call the company and talk to a customer service representative. The problem with replacement crock pot parts is they are hard to find, and when you find them they can be even more expensive than just buying a new crock pot.

The most often sought after crock pot parts are crock pot lids and crock pot handles. There have been quite a few crock pots that the handles have been defective, and when they get hot they break. I recommend you don’t bother looking for replacement parts, but just grab a new crock pot. Defective crock pot handles are a safety hazzard. You certainly don’t want them to break while you are carrying a hot crock of food.

The crock pot part most looked for is a replacement lid. Lids often times get dropped and they break. I know my the handle of my crock pot lid decayed and finally broke off. In this situation you can do one of two things. You can complain long enough that your husband finds a way to put a new handle on your lid or you can just buy a new crock pot lid. Either way will work, one costs you husband irritation, the other costs you a few dollars. All depends what you’re willing to pay.

Finding crock pot parts may not always be easy, and sometimes with the way the price of crock pots has come down you may find it easier to just get a new crock pot instead of hunting down crock pot parts to replace the ones that have broken on your machine.

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