Programmable Crock Pot Saves Dinner Again!

My programmable crock pot has saved dinner again. I use this crock pot all the time. I love it. It lets me think about dinner in the morning, when I actually have time to think. I then have dinner ready for the table without another thought come dinner time.

I’ve had my fair share of rival crock pots, but this Rival smart pot is my absolute favorite. This programmable crock pot allows you to set the cooking time and when the time is over it will automatically move to the warm setting ~ keeping your food warm, but not cooking it anymore until you are ready to eat.

I had put dinner on one morning and then we had to run some errands in the afternoon. Errands always take longer than anticipated, and I was really worried we’d come home to a crock full of mush. However, the crock pot had switched to warm mode. Our dinner was ready and delicious when we got back. All we had to do was plate it up and eat.

My programmable crock pot is pretty basic. There are other programmable crock pots that have a lot more features. The Hamilton Beach 33967 Set ‘n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker has three different ways to program it. You can do the same as mine, and have it go to warm after a certain amount of time. You can also use the thermometer probe to have it change to warm when the food gets to a specific temperature. The third programmable feature actually takes the program out of it. You can do this crock pot on a manual setting. This just heats the crock and you turn it off when you’re ready, no timer involved. This is great for heating up leftovers, or when you are going to be around watching it.

The other super cool feature of this programmable crock pot is the snap on lid. I have never seen another crock pot with this feature. The lid actually snaps on securely. You can easily grab your crock pot and go and know you will not experience spills along the way.

If you have used a crock pot in the past, and found your food was overdone by the end of the day when you returned to eat, a programmable crock pot may be the perfect answer for you. I know it sure has been for us! I use it at least once a week all year round. It means I don’t have to heat up the house with the oven in Summer, and amazing soups and stews come out in the Winter. If you love slow cooking you will love a programmable crock pot.

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