Rival Slow Cooker ~ Tips to Perfect Meals

A Rival slow cooker is one of the very best kitchen investments you can make. A rival slow cooker can help you create delicious meals your family will love. It gives you the option to throw dinner together, and leave it for the day, coming home to a fabulous home cooked meal with minimal work, and abundant taste. Here are some basic tips to make sure the meals you cook in your rival slow cooker will be perfect.

First, there are slow cooker cookbooks on the market. They turn some of our favorite stovetop and oven recipes into slow cooker sensations. Dishes you may never thought of cooking in a crock pot cooker can be prepared without you even being there. I don’t know about you, but that idea sounds fantastic to me.

What you must remember when cooking anything in a Rival slow cooker is the liquid component. There must be some type of liquid in the bottom of the cooker to begin the cooking process. Without it, your dish will cook to the bottom and burn. There doesn’t need to be a lot of it, just enough to cover the bottom in most cases. The juices within the meat will mingle with the other liquid during cooking to create more of a stock. You can use water, or stock for this juice. This is a great way to create healthy meals with your Rival Slow cooker ~ you don’t need to add any additional oil.

When using a Rival slow cooker it should be at least half full for maximum cooking potential, 2/3 full is even better. This will allow for even cooking. It will also keep your food from burning and overcooking. . Keep in mind that the more food you add to the cooker, the slower it will cook. If you aren’t careful and don’t adjust the crock pot heat settings, you may find that an eight hour setting cooked your dinner in two and spent the other six drying it out. There are now programmable crock pots that basically erase this problem. They will switch to a warm setting when your meal is done. If you are choosing a crock pot I highly suggest one of the rival slow cooker models that is programmable.

Meats are the most common food cooked in a slow cooker. People use a a Rival slow cooker to cook main dishes for dinner since this is the meal we struggle with preparing most with a busy schedule. Any meat used needs to be thoroughly drained before adding it to the cooker. Since meat takes longer to cook, they need to make up the bottom layer. This will also help keep the meat moist since it will cook into the liquid underneath.

For safety, cook meats at least three hours so that an internal temperature that is high enough for proper cooking can be reached. This is not usually a problem since many use the crock pot at its lowest setting (six to ten hours depending on the brand of cooker).

If you plan to cook vegetables in your slow cooker, here are some tips. Tough fibrous veggies like carrots and potatoes can be tossed in at the beginning with the meat. It takes longer for the fibers to be broken down and the vegetables to be cooked all the way through. More delicate vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms should be added half an hour before the meal is done. If you put peppers in at the beginner they will have a bitter flavor by the end of cooking.

Using a Rival slow cooker can make dinner a snap. When you first use your rival slow cooker it’s best to try a few recipes while you will be home. This gives you a chance to get a feel for your particular rival slow cooker’s heat settings. It will also allow you know exactly how to set it for a set and forget it meal in the future. There are many brands of crock pot on the market, however, the Rival slow cooker has been on the market from the beginning and keeps on being the best slow cooker available.

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  1. work says:

    Great tip on the veggies. I had no idea about the fibers.

    I also use a Rival Slow Cooker, they even have a recipe book that comes with the slow cooker that has some good starting tips and a few recipes.

    I haven’t had any issues with burning on the bottom, but I think that is because I am so used to cooking with liquids, I would have a hard time doing any without. But, I do know the liquid doesn’t boil away, so you have to use very little.

    Thank you for the tips!

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